The ByrneTube app contains online lectures and corresponding course notes for various courses in Computer Science, Mathematics, Data Science and Information Technology. These courses are taught at Universities in New Jersey (i.e. Monmouth University, Fairleigh Dickinson University, etc.)


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Welcome To ByrneTube

This site contains videos of lectures for various courses which are taught at Colleges and Universities in New Jersey (Brookdale, Monmouth, and Fairleigh Dickinson) The videos and notes are intended for students who are currently in these courses or have taken the course in the past and would like are refresher.

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Watch what you're doing!!!

You can watch the lectures on youtube by clicking on the YouTube icon. If you are taking one of these courses, you can download the notes for any lecture in a course by clicking on the notes link. With the notes and the video, you can really watch what you're doing.

Links are to videos of classes taught at the University level in the Departments of Computer Science, Software Engineering, Mathematics and Information Technology. The videos can be watched and accompaning powerpoints and code are also available.

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